02.01.15PAISTE 602 NEW CYMBAL!

FO602 Medium Ride - The Logical Extension of a Classic
Nottwil/Switzerland – The renowned cymbal maker Paiste announces the launch of the new 22\" Formula 602 Medium Ride.
The Formula 602 Medium Ride epitomizes the easy to control, pure, all-purpose ride cymbal. Designed in the middle of the last century, it still sets standards with its high- class workmanship and classic look. Clinic virtuoso Gergo Borlai, Berklee professor Henrique De Almeida and last but not least drum genius Vinnie Colaiuta already use either the 20\" or 24\" version of this cymbal on tour and in the studio.
The new 22\" Formula 602 Medium Ride extends the assortment of Formula 602 «Classic Sounds» to 13 models. It shines through its perfect balance of a smooth, sparkling ping and a full, rich wash as well as a clear, yet unobtrusive bell sound.
Thanks to the new choice of Medium Rides in 20\", 22\" and 24\" drummers now have a finer gradation available with regard to depth, pitch and volume to individually implement their personal sound.
Formula 602s are entirely made by hand from the originally used CuSn20 bronze in Switzerland using traditional methods that have remained unchanged in over half a century.

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"We are proud to present some of the greatest drummers of all times as our endorsing artists"

- Paiste Cymbals

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"Henrique De Almeida shows strong direction and leadership in his approach to playing the drums. This is a trait that can be passed on to those who choose to abide by his opinions and direction as a consultant and teacher."

-Jazz Fusion Legend/Hall of Fame - Billy Cobham

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